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Ikea Will Change The Way You Think About A Lamp

In an effort to help customers use energy more efficiently IKEA created IKEA GreenTech AB in 2008 which operates primarily in European Union (EU). It was created to find and invest in companies who could help IKEA customers “live a more sustainable life.” Their chief focus is in energy, future home, waste, innovative new materials, and […]

NEWS: Man Killed Trimming Trees Near Power Lines

One man was killed and another was seriously injured in an accident involving high transmission power lines Thursday morning. The deceased man, Chad R. Janes, 42 was cutting tree limbs near the power lines with a chain saw Thursday when the limbs became tangled in the power lines. It is believed the Janes was killed […]

NEWS: Copper Thief Dies By Electrocution

The partially decomposed body of a man was discovered beneath a house on at 4241 New Tampa Highway on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014. The house has been vacant and deteriorating for the last 30 years but the owner obviously still pays the electric bill because the power was on. While not named, the unknown owner […]

Car Fires Are More Common in the Summer!

Car fires peak in summer According to a report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency made in 2013, car fires spike in number particularly in the summer months. According to FEMA highway fires are also much more common than regular fires and occur through most of the year. However, the highest numbers are reported in […]

Don’t Unplug It, Protect It! (Importance of Surge Protectors)

What are Electrical Surges? Importance of Surge Protectors When a power surge runs through your electrical lines, it can cause serious damage to the electronics and appliances in your home. In addition, it could also compromise the safety of your family. A power surge occurs when a strong electrical current travels through your power, cable […]

NEWS: Lightening Strike at Venice Beach Kills Man

Lightening Strike at Venice Beach Kills Man | July 27, 2014 The Los Angeles area rarely gets thunderstorms, but one recently hit the area on leaving one man dead and injuring 12 others.  Lightening accompanying the rare storm struck popular Venice Beach after lightening also struck one person on Catalina Island. The beach was packed with […]

LOCAL NEWS: Truck Fire Still Under Investigation

Continuing Investigation of Truck on Fire Near Despot on July 8th, a pickup truck was struck by a falling tree. The tree had been knocked over thanks to heavy winds from the severe storms in the area. The truck immediately became a fire ball, and was gutted by flames. A suspected nearly $30,000 in damage […]

LOCAL NEWS: Extension Cord Starts House Fire

Overloaded extension cord sparks house fire Wednesday June 18th in Leonardtown, Maryland; police and fire trucks responded to the scene of a house fire. The fire was allegedly started by an extension cord that had been overloaded. The house was a one story brick home in which lived a single family unit. Fortunately, no one […]